Are All Children’s Brains Ready to Read in Kindergarten?

by Irene

I just read an interesting article from the International Dyslexia Association called: “Dyslexia? Or a Brain Not Ready to Read?” by Martha Bridge Denckla that gave me a lot of food for thought. She believes that many children are neurodevelopmentally not ready to read and write in Kindergarten and thus experience outright failure due to no fault of their own. Others may seem to progress well, “…..but do so using suboptimal circuitous pathways in the brain that may fail to support efficient and comfortable skill utilization in later years.” We’ve all heard the saying that ‘Kindergarten is the new first grade.’ But what about those children whose brains are simply not yet ready? The author writes: “A growing body of evidence demonstrates that when appropriate reading instruction prevents the experience of failure, the entire life history of students with dyslexia can be substantially normalized and secondary mental health issues averted.”

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