Northside Independent School District Workshops (Pics and video)

by Irene

  • I just got back from two energizing days of 6-hour workshops [“Foreign Languages for Everyone”] for foreign language teachers of the Northside Independent School District in San Antonio, TX.  This group is developing a wonderful new initiative called “LOTE (Languages Other Than English) Support” in which a group of 25 dedicated teachers is reading my book, attending my workshop, and then following up with a week of creating materials, collaborating, and aligning their initiative with state and district standards.  I believe their approach could serve as a model for other school districts.  I also look forward to seeing their results presented at foreign language conferences in the future!  Let me know if you would like contact information for the two district leaders on this project.  They have lots of wisdom to share.

Here is a link to the brief video made by Lisa Connell using the “Quik” program.

These pictures were taken by Lisa Connell and Rosanna Perez (who sent out the tweet), the two energetic leaders in Northside Independent School District in San Antonio, TX.

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