Peer Reviews

– On July 13, 2015 my book was reviewed by “Madame Aiello,” a Canadian French teacher who has a wonderful blog called “Teaching FSL (French as a Second Language).”   Here is a short excerpt from her review:

Foreign Languages for Everyone is a practical, easy read. You know you’re reading something a fellow teacher wrote, even though it’s got loads of references and a great glossary at the back of the resource. Its focus is on including all learners in the joys of learning French (or another second language) but considering how to program for those who learn differently.”

The complete review can be found here:

– Recently my book and website got a very positive review from a member of the Ohio Foreign Language Association in the OFLA Newsletter.   Here is a small sample of the review:      “Dr. Konyndyk’s focus is not upon specific disabilities of students, but rather, the abilities of teachers to use effective instructional strategies to address the learning needs of students who are still often denied access and opportunity to foreign language instruction.  In some 160 pages–8 topical chapters–she offers principles of instruction to help the novice and veteran teacher alike emerge from the frustration of well-intentioned, but unsuccessful efforts to teach second language competencies to students with language challenges.”  Here is a link to that review:

– I’m delighted to have all “5-star” reviews on the Amazon website.  Here is a sampling of what people have been saying about my book:

  • “This is a great book for every foreign language teacher who has had a student that studied and studied and still “didn’t get it.”  It explains some of the types of language learning disabilities, strategies for helping students with ADD, ADHD, and specific language learning disabilities such as dyslexia or auditory problems.  The suggestions are very common sense to any one who has taught foreign languages, but focused specifically to enable these students with learning disabilities to have success in a foreign language class where they have typically experienced only frustration and failure.  I wish I’d had this book 10 years ago.”
  • “As a second language teacher for students with learning disabilities I was constantly looking for some ideas and strategies to use in my teaching. This book is excellent. It is written in a very clear language and includes many “hands on” suggestions that I can take back to my class right away. The book contains information about the specific needs of students with LD and is a must for every educator in the field.”
  • “Drawing on years of experience and research, Irene Brouwer Konyndyk has given teachers and parents alike a wonderful gift.  Her book “Foreign Languages for Everyone” dispels the myth that at risk students (e.g., those with learning disabilities, ADHD, Asperger’s Syndrome and other learning difficulties) are unable to learn a foreign language. Basing her work on sound educational principles, Professor Konyndyk demonstrates that there are ways to help these students master a foreign
    language and reap the benefits of being immersed in a foreign culture.
    Is it easy?  No.  Is it possible?  Yes, but it takes dedication and love for students with different learning styles and needs. While this book is intended mainly for teachers, it would also benefit parents who are looking for some understanding of their child’s learning difficulties and some strategies for helping them with their everyday learning challenges. Many of the strategies Prof. Konyndyk has developed are transferable to other disciplines as well.”

My book has also been favorably peer reviewed in several academic journals.

  • Christian Educators Journal Volume 54, No. 1, April, 2014:  pp. 4-6 by Shannon Marcus.  Here is the concluding paragraph:  “It is clear that Konyndyk is passionate about this often overlooked group of learners.  She wants all students to have the opportunity to learn and grow as language learners, whatever their disability (or ability) may be.  She not only encourages teachers to see each student as a valued gift from god who has the right and ability to learn a language, she gives the teachers many methods and easy to implement ideas for how to do this well.”
  • The Canadian Modern Language Review Volume 69, No.2 in 2013.  Here is the reference you can look up:   Hoskyn, M. (2013). Foreign Languages for Everyone: How I Learned to Teach Second Languages to Students with Learning Disabilities by I.B. Konyndyk (review). The Canadian Modern Language Review / La revue canadienne des langues vivantes 69(2), 232-233. University of Toronto Press. Retrieved from Project MUSE database.
  • The Journal for Christianity and Foreign Languages Volume 14 in 2013:  pp. 111-113 by Dr. Laura Dennis of the University of the Cumberlands in Williamsburg, KY.  Here is a small portion of the review:   “The work is well-researched with all notes being included at the end of the text, thereby rendering the work accessible to a range of potential readers.  There is a thorough bibliography as well as supplements that show samples of materials she [Professor Konyndyk] has created.  Finally, Konyndyk frequently refers the reader to her website where one can browse and even download additional materials the author has created.  This effort to disseminate much needed materials free of charge is a sign of the author’s generosity and her heart for at-risk students as well as of her grace-filled Christian faith.”