Should Children with Special Needs Learn a Foreign Language?

by Irene

There are many people who say that children with special needs (such as Down Syndrome, language impairment, or Autism Spectrum Disorders) should not be encouraged to learn a second language.  According to Dr. Elizabeth Kay from Dalhousie University in Halifax, Nova Scotia in Canada, the latest research is showing that this is not the case.  [Let me give a big “shout out” here to my compatriot Canadians!]

Here is a short quote:  “This is a myth and it has been debunked through studies of typically developing children and children from our three groups” Kay explained during the interview. “Children with developmental disabilities, regardless of diagnosis, can and do become bilingual, but, unfortunately, many professionals and families are not aware of these research findings.”

Be sure to also watch the video clip with Dr. Kay at the end of this link!

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