Sleep Issues

by Irene

If you have attended one of my workshops then you know that I firmly believe in the importance of good sleep, not only for struggling students, but for all students.  That is why I ask a question about sleep on my first-day questionnaire.

I just read an excellent article called:  “Improving sleep in children with ADHD has some lessons for all parents” by Harriet Hiscock [Principal Fellow in the Department of Pediatrics at the University of Melbourne (Australia) Murdoch Children’s Research Institute] and Melissa Mulraney [a postdoctoral research fellow at the same institute].

Here are some quotes from the article to whet your appetite:

“Children with ADHD are more prone to having disturbances in their circadian rhythm”

“It’s likely all children (and parents!) could benefit from not using electronics before trying to go to sleep, and by trying to stick to a similar bedtime and wake time on the weekends as they do during the week.”

Here is the link for this article:

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